Finding what one is passionate about sometimes looks like a hurdle.

You begin to wonder what is that one thing I really like above all else

What am I passionate about?

And sometimes the answers might come easily for you or it might take days but on its own is not enough to know if you are truly passionate about something.

To truly find what you are passionate about – you have to practice it out, you have to test it out. We all have ideas of what we think we might like but have we really tried it for an extended period of time and really it

You might like the idea of being a best-selling author but have you spent the time writing day in day out and truly like the experience.

You might like the idea of being a tailor but have you started cutting dresses and sewing. Do you really like it

One pitfall we might enter is to think because we don’t like it at the initial stage we might like it later on – I don’t believe this would happen. You really need to give yourself honest feedback.

Would you face challenges? Yes, would there be setbacks? Yes. But in all this, you want to experience it in a business you love and enjoy doing.

So here are my top questions for finding what you are passionate about

Good Questions to me are the bedrock upon which answers and knowledge can be found.

  1. If I could one thing for the rest of my life what would it be?
  2. What is my message?
  3. What activity do I do that makes me feel happy the most?
  4. What do I want from my life?
  5. What job or activities would I do for free?
  6. What would be my legacy?
  7. What changes do I want to see in the world?
  8. What could I have done better in this area (could you have written the book better then we need you to write)?
  9. If my life was written as a story what experience have I encountered that could help someone?
  10. Who do I want to become?

Do you have more than one answer to this – no problem – start with one and see if after practising it for 3 months you really enjoy it, if not scrap it out of the list you have generated.

If it is a yes and it is still more than one – ask yourself

Which will give me the biggest financial gain (if meeting a financial need is very importnat for you right now)


Which would give me the personal fulfilment (if you already have your needs met and want to just figure out what next to do)

The Journey to Clarity takes time sometimes but it is very worth it.

What changes do you foresee that you might have to make very soon in respect to this let me know below in the comment section?



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