Quality is defined by the dictionary as a degree or grade of excellence or worth

To me, Quality means to choose the possible best with your means per time

Why do I say choose quality because I believe it is a mindset that needs to be developed

The funny thing is I didn’t always believe in this so it like me preaching to my old self which I see in a lot of people

But where do you from start – it starts from the people that surround you and is influencing you.

An example for me is having a boss that spent a lot on dresses I always wondered why would you spend that much and he would say your dress is an asset (I don’t believe in this fully by the way)

But one thing I then realized is that in a way it was the truth by choosing to buy quality items he used them over and over and over till he got tired of it

The same thing started happening in my life too so you can say I got influenced by my boss. I started out small, buying quality.

Well, what did I find out anytime I bought a piece of dress that was a bit expensive compared to my cheap one it outlasted the other.

The same went for bags, wristwatches etc. you get my point in a weird way. I saved a lot of money by purchasing expensive quality product than buying cheap

You need to get great influencers around you – those that will make you see the value of getting something that is worthwhile instead of cheap

Be on the conscious look out for influencers.

Secondly – Make a personal decision to choose quality

For me, I made a decision that anytime I want to get something I would only buy Quality no more no “okay product” or “let us manage”. I would buy the very best my income could allow me per time.

I have been tempted sometimes to backslide but making this decision ahead of time has helped me to remain conscious of picking only quality item alone instead of being shortsighted by cheap.

So, what is my point here, well it is simple – choose quality over cheap every time and as much as you can.

Make that decision and stick to it Every day.

Now I don’t mean borrowing money and being in debt because you want to buy some quality item. which is the reason I defined quality as getting the very best with your means per time.

If what you can afford is 5,000 naira on shirt maximum then go for it and don’t ever put yourself in debt because of quality.

You need to find balance here as the tendency to go overboard can be pretty high

As you increase in wealth Always chose quality based on your income level per time.

3 benefits of choosing quality

  1. It saves you money
  2. It builds your confidence in yourself by choosing quality items. you tell yourself indirectly “I matter” “I deserve this”, “I am worth this”.
  3. It has a multiplier effect on your income – if you can think it you can have it when your mind can see a certain amount of possession as nothing it helps you to be able to think higher and see more opportunities than you would have if you never stretch yourself before.

What do you believe is going to be your hardest struggle in choosing quality – comment below to let me know?





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