Ever wondered if life is passing you by and you are wondering what can I do to make the best of today?

Well, the answer really is to live in the present and not just living in the present for the sake of it but doing so very intentionally.

So exactly does it mean to live in the present?

Ever heard the saying your past is gone, well that is so true there is really nothing you can do to change the past, it is gone forever and won’t be coming back anything soon.

Also, have ever realized that try as much as you want to your future is not fully 100% under your control. If we could control the happenings in our lives that won’t be living anymore would it?

One thing we all know and should at some point come to accept is the uncertainties that life comes with.

One of the awesome things about knowing and accepting this about your past and future is that it helps you realize what the present is.

The present is today, it is this moment you have right now

There is never going to be anymore period in your life in which you ever be your absolute best than in the present

So instead of looking at who to blame for the happenings in the past or planning away all your moments for the future. why not learn how to make effective use of this moment you have now? Let me show 3 ways to do that

3 effective ways to live in the present
  1. Learn to forgive the people who have hurt you in the past, learn to let go of the hurt you might be feeling deep inside. Learn to forgive.

As I usually say you don’t always have to feel the emotions of forgiveness, you just have to decide to – you might need to forgive some people 100 times before you feel any joy toward them but don’t stop till you reach that place of peace.


  1. Learn self-love and self-acceptance – no matter who we are we and what we might have achieved we usually still expect so much more from ourselves.

One of the best things I have learnt to do is to say out loud “I love me” with all my faults and weakness, with all my issues (who doesn’t have one)

Well why don’t you try that out you might find tremendous power from it

  1. Act and live daily from a place of purpose. My most effective solution here is to set goals in alignment with what you want from your life. From a place of being certain of what we want.

We all can start from a place of uncertain but we must never stay there. So, in the search of self-discovery and if you need help on how and why goal setting entails. Why not sign up for the free email online course here

So, tell me are you going to start living in the present and what struggles do you have doing this? Post this on the comment section

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