failure is a most effective teacher


I know lots of people might be wondering who in the world wants to fail!

Maybe not in an exam –I don’t want that either! who will pay?

But that’s not what I am talking about when I ask to fail.

I want to fail at the things I do.

I want to fail in my coaching program.

I want to fail with my blogging.

I want to fail while I market to you.

And yes I know Why.

It’s only when I fail, I’ll know better.

I used to be scared of failing, after all who doesn’t want to be perfect?

But over the years I have realized that the areas I have become better at, where areas I failed in so many times.

And you know what? I now welcome it.

I don’t see failure as something that stops me or paralyzes me anymore. Nope.

I see failure as a teacher that tells me what not to do next time and what to do better.

By failing we learn things we never would have learnt if we had just succeeded.

So yes fail and fail quickly.

Because only in your failure does perfection come forth.



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