Whenever we set our goals, how can we know for sure that we would achieve it, that we are not just writing words or desires that may never come to pass? this is what I hope to answer today.

When we set our goal 90% of the time we rarely test it. I remember a particular goal I set most of my university days that I never achieved. I remember writing a goal to earn a million naira and never could understand why at the end of each year I didn’t achieve it – it wasn’t realistic.

Using SMART analysis is by far one of the best methods I know to achieving your goals

So what is SMART

S stands for Specific

M stands for Measurability

Stands for Attainable

R stands for Realistic

T stands for Time-bound

By filtering our goal through SMART, we end up knowing if we are setting ourselves up for disappointment or not, how does this really look in reality

Being Specific

Is your goal narrow or broad?

For instance, a goal which says to make lots of money isn’t specific but instead if I say to make 100,000 now that amount is very specific.

Another would be to write a novel finish – this is broad


Can I measure it

For instance, saying I want to increase my income monthly isn’t measurable you need to say I want to increase my money by 30,000 this month now we can know if you did and by how much you increased it


Can your goal be seen as completed? When I think of attainment a common mistake I see people make is writing goals they can’t clearly answer if it is attained


To be more fit

How can you tell when you have achieved this it would have been better if stated to do 20 sit up every morning – now that can be known when it is attained


Is the goal possible? One common mistake is to craft a goal that is totally not dependent on you and base your level of success on it that is a disaster waiting to happen?

A classic example would be to get married by December 2017, Except God intervenes this might happen to be a goal that may not happen

For me setting a goal to earn a million naira without no plan on doing it and with the current level of my expertise was unrealistic.


I published my book Finding Grace on the 1st of February 2017. But one thing I must say that helped me achieve this was telling myself my book was going live on the 1st of February No matter what. it must be the same for you too if you want to achieve your goals, you must set a deadline even a time frame, else the tendency to procrastinate would be there

Action point

Set your goal using the SMART analysis and see what is wrong and right about it.


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