What is Goal Setting

When most of us think of goals we immediately relate it to our do list

And while some of our goals might take the form of a to-dos or project, goals are bigger than that, Goals are the foundation on which our dreams will come through.

And while someone might wonder why I would make such a statement. Let me explain for instance if one of my dreams is to publish a book. The way I would be able to fulfill this dream is if I am able to set a goal to finish my book, meaning I put a deadline, creates commitment and plans that work in line with this dream

If we’re to just create a to-do that involves writing what might happen is that after a month we might as well have written nothing that could be brought together to form a book such is the result of actions without direction.

What is a goal

A goal is a predetermined achievement, dream or desire accompanied with the right tools and plans to get there.

While this definition might seem broad a closer look in itself explain what it means a predetermined achievement – this talks of clarity of purpose and direction, something that is known, there is really no goal if it cannot be said in the clearest of terms what it is going to achieve for the individual.

The right tools here mean more than machinery, it also means people, the right mindset, visual reminders, this and more are what the right tools mean

The plans – is really is where the goals are set into motion. Also, where feedback and reviews are carried out.

How do you set your goal

I believe there are two places we set our goals from

  • A place of uncertainty
  • A place of certainty

We all (and I mean everyone) at one point in time crafted our goal from what we think we wanted out of life we didn’t know what life we wanted all we knew was we wanted to achieve this and this and this  — that is a place of uncertainty

And then we come to a place of certainty – which occurs when we place ourselves in the process of self-discovery. Discovery of oneself (or as I like to call it Finding Me) usually takes time but once we know who we are as individuals what we want from our lives the goal we set from then henceforth is coming from that place of deep-seated conviction, that this is what we are made for.

So, to conclude here are some few actions I would like for you take note of when setting your goals

Ask yourself these questions and do document the answers as much as you can

Self-Discovery Question
  • Who am I
  • What do I want from my life
  • What are my dreams in life
  • What do I want to achieve with my life
  • Why do I want what I want from my life
  • Why do I have these dreams
  • Why? Why? Why?


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