First thing


So I want to attend a program on personal development, add up going for some marketing session

Simultaneously  maybe I should look a bit into fashion and makeup

let not forget I need to finish this book review

having so much to do what do I attend to next

Well this is the “typical me” and this is “the typical you”

and  this “typical us” is delaying us from achieving our goals

And so the law of first things first set it

It briefly state

Find a balance between your long term goals and your short-term goals.

It states chooses what is needed not what you think you want.

It states to focus on areas that give the greatest returns for your efforts.

It states to choose one area you want to know first.


The law of first thing asks us questions daily

It ask us to make a choice and it ask us to be conscious of our reality

The law of first things say pick what is most important now


So yes you need to acquire a website or attend an online course program  – choose which is most important

You need to buy two book – choose which one you need the most


The reason the law of first things sets in is because resources are limited and there is always an opportunity cost for each of our action

For one choice we make we lose another – so choose the one that makes the biggest impact on your life right now

And forget about the one you didn’t choose – it part of life.

when two alternative comes seeking your time, resources or energy  – let the law of first things guide you

Ask which should come first?

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