“I want to have lots of money ” says Bukky

and without saying nothing I know it won’t come to pass

You see I was like Bukky only I was in school and I wrote a goal down every year and never could understand why it never came to pass

I wanted to have a million buck by year-end

so frustrated was I  that I thought I should give up my dreams for financial independence

you see there was nothing wrong  with the goal itself except for the How

How was I going to actually get a million by year-end

Money only comes to those who provide quality service and product

And since I never offered any service or product no money came

But this is just one problem with vague goals

Which I would define as a goal which cannot be measured

Some popular examples are – I want to be rich, I am want to be famous, I want to be healthy, I want to be the best husband or best wife.

The problem with vague goals is that it looks like it is really a goal but it isn’t

Goals have a beginning point

Goals have ending points

Goals are dependent on what you can make happen and not things beyond your control

Goals are realistic with your mindset

Goals are very Specific

One way to spot Vague Goals you have set

simply ask yourself would I know when I have accomplished this feat

If NO  – then, make it more measurable

If YES  – then, ask the How?

The How of your goals is really the sum total of all the actions you would take that would give you the desired result you seek.

So if your goals can be measured – list out the next 10 possible actions to take.

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