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I realized after taking inventory, that it took me 4 months to actually get my book from idea to publication. You might wonder how did I achieve it; here’s a breakdown I made of my activities that helped me actualize my book.

I was able to finish the manuscript of Finding Grace within 3 months. I was unemployed at the time of writing, which was an opportunity I took advantage of.

Not having a job after National Youth Service, I poured myself into a writing that captured my experiences of 1 year. The output of that time of  ‘unemployment’  is my book.

Lesson Learnt: never take for granted every season in your life, it could be the things that become your stepping stone.

After getting my book from my editor, It took me another 1 month to reread the book, get the cover page and 3D book format, get the payment and promotion plans in motion. And by the 1st of February 2017, Finding Grace was Out.

Lesson Learnt: we are capable of much more than we think we are.

In reality, it wasn’t four straight months I wrote and finished my book. I dumped my book for three years thinking I would have to rewrite it and make it better. This resulted in me doing nothing with it. Not until I realized how I was self-sabotaging by the help of a mentor.

I made a decision to follow my dreams.

When I was much younger, I  had a dream to be an Author. I always wanted other people to read my book. But the reality is that it would never have happened if I didn’t set goals to achieve it!

Things begin to change in our lives when we become more intentional, focused and goal oriented.

I made a decision to achieve my goals. I reviewed my goals to see what was realistic and what wasn’t (There are few thing you can do when you work an 8- 5 hours job in Nigeria).

I set a deadline that “come what may”, by the first of February my book would be out and that is exactly what happened!

I was totally focused on that one goal and put my energy into it and the result was on the 1st of  February 2017, I became the Author of Finding Grace  – My debut Novel that talks of God’s Love and Grace. Click here to find out more about my book.

Do you have a dream you want to achieve so much, but you don’t understand why you are not moving in that direction?

Do you desire to write a book and become a published Author just like me?

Have you ever wondered why you seem not to be making much progress?

Ever felt out of control with the daily realities you face?

Have you ever wanted much more from your life than you currently are getting?

And do you feel stuck and don’t seem to know how to make the change?

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I believe ‘Goal setting’  has taken me from where I used to be, to where I am now. And I want to see that happen for you too.

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