You might not know this but your past is affecting your present.

Our past is everything that has happened from your birth till yesterday all are your past.

But to really understand the influence of your past you need to see how it is affecting you as an individual.

The way you see life is a result of your past.

your belief system Is a result of your past.

Your hopes and dreams are rooted from your past and while you might not be fully conscious of it, your past is going to affect your future.

How do you know which events in your past are affecting you

There are lots of events in your past that could affect you but  there are some questions that can help you understand the big influences of your past

Here is a list of ten areas to check

  1. What was your background like?
  2. What kind of parents did you have and what was their relationship?
  3. How was your parent relationship with you?
  4. Who has the greater influence on you in your growing up days and why?
  5. Who had the most negative influence in your life?
  6. Who are you angry at?
  7. What do you like about yourself and why?
  8. What don’t you like about yourself and why?
  9. What were your best memories growing up?
  10. What were your worst memories?

Answering these questions would give you a deeper clarity on your past.


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