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Intensives with Seun

Get the Clarity and Answers you need


Have you ever wanted to pick my brain for an hour or more? Have you ever wanted to ask your direct questions and get direct answers? Have you ever wanted a blueprint -An Action plan to run with?   If these thoughts have ever crossed your mind, I am glad to introduce you to Intensives With Seun.   This is a Four Hour intensive conversation session that will leave you with:


  1. Clarity of PURPOSE.
  2. Understanding your UNIQUENESS as an individual and business.
  3. A BLUEPRINT that you can follow.
  4. A Building block for your ideas and plan.
  5. A SUPPORT SYSTEM that keeps you focused on your goal.

So yes all this is possible and much more… But what would the intensive/session look like? Well, it is a conversation that takes place via Skype, Zoom or in exceptional cases, over the phone. You get to have a one on one talk with me. Yes we get to talk. You know your struggles and you know if you need help with it. I’ll listen to you. And together, we’ll craft out your next line of actions to making them BYGONES.

WHY ME? you might ask -I totally understand what it means to start and run a business of your dreams. To know that every day you wake up is full of purpose and the joy of living your life on your own terms.

And I totally understand what it means to not know what exactly I wanted from my life, full of confusion on what next to do, trying various things hoping one would work.

I have been there and I understand what if feels like to struggle to gain clarity.


Here are a few things I have been able to achieve in my business of writing and coaching people:

  1. Published my book Finding Grace and two more are coming pretty soon (before the end of the year). Hey, if you struggle with completing your book project I am your girl!


  1. Started my online business and it’s growing stronger every single day –if you ever wonder what you need to get started online I am also your girl.


  1. I built my email list to over 400 in less than three months. Got paid writing jobs and connected with great Influences, all because of knowing what I want from my life and going after it.


So, if you’re been stuck on moving forward with your life and want to start LIVING YOUR LIFE every day to its FULLEST I am also your girl!

Not yet convinced? Here’s what Patrick Odimnfe and Mohadapwa Wonosikou Have to say

My first session with Seun over the phone 3 months ago helped me realize how haphazard and disorderly I have been with building my brand and business. Today it’s a different story, I not only gained clarity from that conversation (and the subsequent ones), I have successfully published my first book and I’m gaining fast traction in my niche.

Patrick Odimnfe

These few days have been awesome indeed.

Am just realizing the reasons why some of my goals were never achieved. There had been a tremendous change of recent and all thanks to you.

Mohadapwa Wonosikou


It is you having me as a business partner.

It is you having me as a friend and confidant.

It is you having me as your coach and mentor.

It is you having me share with you the solutions/principles which have worked for my business and which could work for yours.

Your investment is?

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure if it is for me ?

You can book your clarity session call for 30 minutes with me here for free  Here

Are there any Guarantees?

Yes, We offer no-questions-asked refunds so if the call didn’t meet your expectation you can ask for a refund immediately or latest 3 days after the scheduled call.

When does the Intensive hold

The calls are usually scheduled for weekends

How is the Intensive call held and what materials do I need for the call?

You need to have internet Access

You need to have installed Skype or Zoom on the device you will be using for the call (mobile calls are rare but can also be used – so a full battery might also be a prerequisite)

You needs lots of paper to jot down points you will note


Are there any restrictions in what kind of areas the call focuses on ?

Yes, Currently The Intensives with Seun is limited to only Business, Finance, Writing and Publishing goals.

Any other Questions ?

Kindly send an email to  for more clarification


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