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When I thought of writing a book on grace I started with a blank page what was it going to be all about and the more I reflected on my life as an individual the more I saw God grace in my life and as I depended on the Holy Spirit the story came to light.

You see I have come to realize there three way of seeing things

  1. One formed out of ignorance — you simply don’t know – the cure get knowledge.
  2. One formed from wrong knowledge. You know but what you know is wrong — you need to remove the wrong belief first before putting in a new one; people call this relearning.
  3. One formed from right information.

Well for Grace, it was a topic of relearning a lot of things for me especially since I thought I knew it. When it comes to spiritual truth a lot of us allow people we look up to, to define what we belief and while this in itself isn’t wrong, what if they are wrong? what if they are not totally right?

See I learnt that like any subject people can always take it overboard or use their ignorance on the topic to form an opinions that is wrong, most times they do it from a sincere heart but I would rather they said nothing on the topic than give wrong impressions. The only solution to this issue in reality is to take God’s word as the final say beyond any man’s word. We assume we do this but do we really.

I started studying what grace was and I must confess I had to turn several times to look at the cover page of my bible to be sure I was reading the Word of God it was so plainly stated there that I couldn’t believe what I had been previously told (of course those verses had been taken out of context).

So, while I am still on the journey to know all about God I must say finding what grace is has helped me and trust me Grace isn’t an exhaustive topic. Grace is Jesus personified, Grace is the way we get thing from God. The understanding of Grace is never really a full stop it all commas.

So, to you I say how do you find Grace — Read the Word of God (especially the book of Romans) and ask God for more understanding on it.

More to Come next month

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Thanks for reading ,

Seun Yewande Williams

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