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If I am to ask what was your story is? would you be able to tell me in concrete terms?

We all have stories; our life’s experiences are totally unique to us and there is really no two persons with the same life experiences.

What is your story – that is the question I ask you today.

Understanding your story may not be easy to unearth especially if you are hiding away from it or you don’t want to accept it.

The reality is there are always aspects of our lives that we wished never happened, we don’t want to let others know it so we hide, we hide behind the mask of being good enough, being perfect, being strong – when we really are not.

What is your story?

Your path to healing is found in who you are what you are have overcome as an individual

If we want freedom we need to become comfortable in telling our stories

If might haunts us but we would find healing and hope there. We might cry and sometimes feel hopeless like the abyss of our past seems to engulf us but if we can look up we would find some ray of sunlight streaming through.

So how do we know what makes up our individual stories?

Let answers some questions

How was growing up for you – it was either good or bad, write the answers out and the hidden stories there.

Who were your top influencer’s growing up – they neither influenced you in a good way or a bad way – write the history behind that down too.

What was your relation with your parents and family members growing up –  they say the people that are close to us the most are the ones that can hurt us easily – well that another story waiting to be written why don’t you write it down.

What are your dreams and aspirations and WHY do you have them – it is funny how the reason we want things sometimes are really not truly ours – why would you want to pursue something with your time and strength when it adds no value to your life personally and is not something you truly ones – write the down the answers you find here.

Is story box filling up – I believe so – by writing the answers down you begin to get more clarity on who you are as an individual what has influenced you and where you want to go

You might know the famous words “face your giant” but really sometimes the biggest giants we would face can be our past.

So, while on this journey of knowing your story think deep and ask yourself questions.

Questions you have never really given yourself the permission to ask – the answers you get might surprise you but keep on asking and in the end, give your story a title it deserves it

What big questions will you be asking yourself today and what would it be titled?

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