So this is me telling you my story of how grace found me during my service year.

I finished from a great school by the way and was excited to be leaving Lagos state for my NYSC deployment.

Who could blame me? after all, this was the first time I will be journeying away from Lagos and from family to experience life independently.

In my quest for prayers to protect me throughout my stay in NYSC, I visited my father-in-the-Lord and bam! I was warned of the grace message.

He warned me to watch out for those people that preached grace, that God was a consuming fire and I would be punished by Him (God) whenever I did wrong.

With that in mind (fortified and ready), I set out for Edo state.

But you know the irony of having a good Father like our God, just when you think you are fortified with answers of your own, He starts letting you know “girl, you ain’t” –and that’s just what happened.

The first friend I made, spoke to me about ‘God’s grace’ and I was like huh? “I reject you in Jesus name!” I can recall how much we argued that day on the subject and I said; “…can’t we agree to disagree on this matter what’s your issue?” …but persistence always win you see.

While the first person who talked to me about grace wasn’t the one who got me listening, he certainly sowed the seed; after all, I still believed my bible and when someone keeps on referring to the same bible, I was like “you know what, I will check it up”, and that’s what I did.

It’s funny (and remarkable) how after some searching of the scriptures, push by another friend and digesting lots of messages, I came to a realization of how wrong I was and how misleading my spiritual fathers were as regard ‘Grace’. Although with good intentions, so as to protect me from the luke-warm, sitting-on-the-fence preachings, my ‘fathers’ failed to personally search out this truth from the scriptures before passing judgment.

I realized some truths during this season of my life. I learned to put God’s word above others. And the more I did this, the more every doctrine I held dear kept crashing down.

I began to understand how that motives are more important to God than action.

I also realized that serving God is the consequence of a relationship with my father (God himself) and not a result of doctrinal-duty. God isn’t a taskmaster HE IS MY FATHER!

I learned that my sins were all forgiven past, present and future. And that Jesus was the only qualification I need to be heaven bound -not my works!

Before anyone says you’re preaching sin, believe me when I say sin does not have dominion over you if you understand what grace is.

It’s like hurting someone who loves you deeply. No one ever hurt or does evil to someone who loves them if they understood what it means to be loved and love back. If (we) you come to a revelation of how much God loves (us) you, you can’t help but love him back. Will you be perfect at once? Nope, but you would progressively become a better person resembling the Lord JESUS Christ.

Now, you would expect that after my knowledge of grace, I would be firm -well, not really.

You see, when I wrote the book ‘Finding Grace’, it was with an understanding that I won’t lose what I have found -GRACE’. Certainly, I didn’t lose it, but there was a dousing of the power of grace in me as I got more inclined to my old ways of ‘physical activity’ as a measure of my service to God –what some would call mixture-well. Lol.

That was exactly what I did, mixing God’s grace with my works!

Until lately, I didn’t know exactly that I was doing this. All I knew was that I had a disharmony in my spirit, and though it took me awhile to find out the cause, I finally did.

Join me next week as I retell my final entry toward my journey of finding grace and keeping grace –don’t have the free chapters to my book Finding Grace yet? Click here to get it.

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Till next week,
Seun Yewande Williams


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