Finding Grace, my novel on God’s Unconditional Love and Grace is out! Here is the link.

So, this is my last episode on my journey to finding grace

I used the word Journey purposely because Journeys don’t end. They are not destinations, they are not bus stops, they are continuous. which means that my Journey, Your Journey to grace goes on.

Back to my story from last week. If you missed the last episode, click here.

I lost what grace meant in reality, you see I didn’t lose my revelation of grace but my daily realities and way of living didn’t reflect a person who has encountered grace.

So what happened? you might wonder, well for one I went back to my church and when I was being taught quite contrary (Usually this doesn’t happen in a direct manner; no one would say you don’t deserve grace, but trust me more of what will be said implies that God isn’t enough)

Well that was what happened. I was told to go and win souls, pray for so-so numbers of hours, pray for this person, pray for that… The truth is, I didn’t know I was gradually being pulled back into living by the law (serving God by my works).

As Joseph Prince says “anything you do, not because you desire to do but because you have to  – that my friend is the LAW”. And that was where I was.

Now don’t get me wrong there would obviously be things you don’t want to do but you have to do as it concerns spiritual things. But the truth is what will make you continue those action isn’t the force imposed on your will, but a new desire growing from a revelation in your heart.

You see, I would have noticed it if it was a sin issue or if it was an issue of God forgiving my sins, but when what is asked of you is a good thing and you are falling short. That my dear reader was the problem

So, this was how I got out:

  1. I changed church – Please this is not for everyone. I sometimes attend services at my previous church ( a story for another day). But to point to you how legalistic I had become, I thought I was committing sin by attending another church  – Yes that’s how bad It got!
  2. I sought the truth – You see, when you have a revelation of a truth it really doesn’t matter what anyone says and assumes on that topic. you have it and that’s it. A good book that helped me here was Joseph Prince ‘Unmerited Favour’.
  3. I applied the truth – What is revelation without application? Seriously it’s nothing! SO I used the truth I have found to replace the lies I once heard.
  4. I avoided hearing Mixture-messages as much as I could.
  5. I now listen to more Speakers/preachers teaching God’s grace  –the more of Jesus you  hear and see in your life that’s what will  set you free. Which is from self-occupation to Christ occupation.


So, that’s it on my Journey to Grace. I’d like to know your journey. You can share with me by commenting or sending me your messages.

Don’t yet have the book, Finding Grace? Get it here!

Next week I will post a poetry on how I felt being condemned in the church.

Also coming soon is my review of the book Unmerited Favour by Joseph Prince.


Seun Yewande Williams

Deeply loved, Greatly Blessed and Highly Favoured Daughter of a King who loves me Dearly

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