Start today start somewhere just start living your dreams

I talk to a lot of people and most times I hear excuses on why they haven’t started living their dreams and the big reason I hear is I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY

And yes I totally understand why won’t I, last year alone I spent over 250,000 naira in training and personal development and do you think for once I had the money sitting down somewhere – no I didn’t.

I was broke more times than I can tell sometimes I had debt up to my collar and it wasn’t because I didn’t manage my money well (you really don’t want to see how I budget; it is really strict).

The major reason was that I decided to start doing something about my life. I decided I wasn’t going to be just writing my dream every year again. I was actually going to start marking it off as done and so I made a commitment to start and just show up every day.

And the quickest thing I realized was I had to pay to learn it, it wasn’t going to come free and while I wished I can tell you that my dream and following it has started paying off in income it hasn’t yet, yes I still spend more money pursuing my dreams and hopes for the future than I currently have received

But it has started to bud and really it not about it even budding or showing. There is this joy I have every single day I wake up which is I get to live my dreams today again whether it is writing a page in my new book or talking to prospects (yes client come after you have prospects) or whether it creating a resource to help people.

I know with every fibre of my being that I will make it and I am living my life.

So while all the rambling about myself so far- it really not to show myself as the perfect individual but really to help you understand that I get you and  I understand what it feels like to not have money, I work a 8- 5 (which is more like a 8-8) I get home tired and exhausted.

I have broke days and I have I “want to give up” days but I made a decision to start.

Start somewhere and start anyhow, no matter how little you have

It is going to be the same for you, you have to just start, start from somewhere and throw away the money excuse it has always been there and would always be there if you let it.

Find things you can do for people that they would pay you for that comes naturally to you, find areas of strength you never thought could be sources of income for you, that skill you of, use it, don’t wait for the big job to give you the money start where you are.

JUST start.

And please start today.

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