He says I am beautiful

He says I am beautiful
I see my faults and wrong
He says I am wonderful
But I am just natural
He says He loves me eternally
I wonder what that means
The more I think about God’s love for me
His mercy, faithfulness and kindness
The more I am in awe
The more I think of what He says about me
The more I change and believe His word
So now I am believe
I am beautiful, wonderful
And I am happy with who I am


The Ocean

The ocean, its beauty
It movement, its waves
The oceans God creation
The ocean its depth and height unfold
The ocean the ocean
Water of untold wonders


Time Ticks

Time ticks
Days goes by
Things don’t look like it would change
Or do they
You raise your hands in worship
You surrender
You give
God is in control the preacher says
But nothing seems to be happening
Know this

God is working behind the scene
God is doing what no man can do
So as time tick away and the days goes by
Lift your Hands in worship
Surrender fully to His will
His will not yours be done
In the end all will be well



Seun Yewande Williams

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