What happens when You find a love so deep to understand?

when Bishop Titi finds her son bringing back a drunk lady home she is horrified was history repeating itself again?

Telling her story she realises how only an amazing God could have saved her life. Been born by a mother who was a prostitute, raped and left to die and then losing her friend, Titi was angry at a God she believed didn’t want anything to do with her and she is determined to keep her distance. Till some series of event happens that thrust her world and made her change.

What if There was a God that could love her beyond her past mistakes and Failure?

Journey with Titi as she share her story of what an amazing God could do to anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the book cost?

It cost 750 Naira and 5 dollars on Amazon.

Once I purchase the book how do i get it?

Send an email to sales@seunyewandewilliams.com and your book will be delivered to you, once you have paid for it using Okada books and Amazon – your book is delivered to you directly

Where can i send my review to?

we would love to hear from you, send your reviews to reviews@seunyewandewilliams.com

Are there other books by the same Author?

Yes but none is currently available for purchase except this one

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