We want to impact lives using the book, we want to be authentic, we want to tell a story but can’t seem to find which story to tell, we think our lives stories are neither boring or ones that can’t make a difference – how definitely wrong are we.

Method 1  – realizing our lessons or lives message or experiences

When we think of our lives most times we isolate it into different phases – it could the phase I went to school, the phase I got married, the phase I started my business etc.

Yes, there are various phases of our lives and there are various reasons we find ourselves in but we all have a story to tell with our lives and that story is unique to us as individuals

So, what if for once we could look at everything that has happened to us as one big story what would it be call – a story of restoration, or a story of discovery or a story of impact

Think about it carefully what would your story so far be called, what has life taught you with your various seasons – I believe if you truly tried out this exercise you could find one theme that rings true with your life so far.

It could be a truth you are discovering in this particular phase you are in or it could something that has ringed true for quite a while in your life – you have a story there find it

Now is that enough to write a book – of course not but it is a start, all you need is the how-to, the breakdown of that story into bit size and viola your book might be on the way?

Method 2 – the 3 questions to ask

So, you still can’t find a story to tell, by providing answers to these questions I believe you should be on your way to knowing what story to tell?

  1. What are the top 3 painful experiences you have heard
  2. What are the top 3 achievements you have gotten
  3. What are the top 5 things you have learned so far about life – it might not even be your experiences

Hopefully, these questions should spur you on to more answers

Method 3 – help share other people’s story

Lastly if you are still finding it hard to tell your story – may be due to you believing your answers are not good enough or you really still don’t want to put yourself out there but still want to write a book that is truly authentic and can change lives – then it is time to tell someone else story.

There is a quote I love in the ultimate gift (it is lovely movie by the way) it says I may not have a dream but I would help others fulfill theirs (author paraphrased)


I have a dream but I also want to help others fulfill theirs through storytelling – I hope you see how even when we think our lives have been lived plainly there is still a story in it


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