I remember a time in my life when I waited for the perfect man to come and marry me. Lol.

Seriously it was a fantasy I lived in, Day in. Day out.

That is the bad thing about watching lots of romantic movies when you are young and naïve.

And while I didn’t consciously do it, I realized I had put a pause on my life till that dream happened. Once I realized this, I was faced with a choice which was either I keep on dreaming and waiting for the ‘dream man’ or I was going to live my life.

Now, I know a lot of people might not always share this same feeling, it personally resulted in me not living out my dreams.

I decided to press play on the button of my life. And I choose to live it out to the fullest!

I decided I wasn’t going to wait for nobody to make my life worth it.  I was enough.

So why do I share this part of me? It is to ask you a question. Which is; Are you putting a hold of any dream to wait for something or someone to come?

Are you telling yourself “when I meet him I would be happy”?

“When I get that promotion I would start living my life”?

What are you telling yourself that makes you hold-up on your dreams?

It is time to press PLAY on your LIFE. It is time to start living it.

It’s time to really take your life by its shears and say  – “I am going to ride this till the wheel falls off!” “I am my rescue!”

Stopping HOLDING-UP on yourself for anyone. Stop postponing your dreams until you can reach the perfect timing.

Just live!

Press the play button and enjoy the music it gives you…

For me, I am dancing to the music.

I might not always love the song, so this is what I do, I change it to the one I love.

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