The Why Picture


Why do we act the way we do

Why do we laugh

Why do we cry




Sometimes we can’t tell why we do what we do but sometimes if we really look deep we can

and to those moments I speak to you about.

Why do you hate someone

Why do you love someone

Why do you want to live

why do you want to  change the world

To thy own self be true  — is my mantra

Knowing why I do things, has greatly helped me become a better person

I would confess that asking myself WHY has not always given me the greatest joy but if has helped me find out who I am.

Every time I am able to get to the WHY behind my actions I am set free much more further

I call this process  Finding Me  – I want you to find your true self

Ask yourself the big WHY and the small WHY

The why behind the show-off

The why behind the lady that hides scared to be seen

The why behind the fear

The why behind the independence facade

I don’t promise that you would like all the answers

But one thing is sure

You will never remain the same same

So ask WHY?



Seun Yewande Williams



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