So just in case, you didn’t know you are unique and you are special.

There is only one of you and any other is a fake version of you.

But one major thing that happens is we forget how unique we are as an individual.

We lose touch of our awesomeness and the noise around us drown out our beauty.

We try to compare ourselves with other individuals we want to emulate, the thing about emulating someone is if you not careful you forget what and who you are about.

So, what make you unique as an individual?

One of the most comprehensive analyses I have used to answer this question came from Eric Rees book titled SHAPE which took me about 3 years to complete (yes it was that serious).


SHAPE  stands for

S- Spiritual gifts

H – Heart

A – Abilities

P – Personality

E – Experience

Understanding your SHAPE

Okay so that is SHAPE but how does it relate to you – well it relates when you understand each component and the question they propose. Let go over each segment

Spiritual Gift – these are God-given gifts, you don’t do anything to deserve it. it is God given

A point to note here is that since it is God given you want to look outward not inward. You want to ask God for clarity and also see where you have some gifting in

Every born-again Christian has a spiritual gift – it usually might not be the most obvious ones but you have it

You also want to avoid 3 mistakes

  1. Rejection – this is rejecting your gift
  2. Comparison – you don’t want to compare yourself with other (totally not wise)
  3. Projection – just because you are good at something doesn’t mean everyone would be

Top 3 Question to ask here are

  1. What spiritual gift do I have ?
  2. What areas of service have I function in that gave me greatest joy and vice versa?
  3. What can I do currently that I know wasn’t based on any intelligence or resource from me?


Heart – these really is about what you are passionate about, it is all about what your heart beats for, what you want to change in the world.

Things that cause you sadness and pain.

Questions to ask

  1. who does your heartbeat for – children, family, families etc
  2. What need do you want to meet – emotional needs, physical needs etc.
  3. How will you meet the need – by serving, by writing a book — how exactly?

Abilities – this talks about your talent, skill-set, and know-how. These are things you naturally excel at sometimes you wonder while others don’t enjoy them like you do.

They are also thing you might have learnt over the years and then have developed enough efficiency in it. So yes, you want to ask yourself these question

  1. What am I good at doing?
  2. What could I do everyday for the rest of my life?
  3. What have people thank me for doing that I didn’t see as anything?
  4. What skill, information, to-do have I developed efficiency in?


Personality – this is the way you express your gifting’s and talent. It is the way you respond to opportunities and risk

what you want to look at when thinking of personality – is

  1. How do I respond to opportunities?
  2. How do I respond to leadership?
  3. How do I like to position myself?


Their lots of test that have been carried out to understanding who we are as individual and the more you understand yourself, the more it is easier for you to understand the way you act


Experience -this are our unique life experience – nobody has lived the same life as you.

No matter how similar your life might look to some else it still not the same

Even sibling living in the same home, under the same parental care never fully internalize the same experience the same way. This is just to say you are different

So, top questions to ask here is

  1. What are my top good experience?
  2. What are my top bad experiences?
  3. What has shaped me into who I am now?



The answers to this question will help you see how special and unique you are

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