Have you ever set a goal in which you didn’t believe that you would achieve?  You believed it was impossible  – that is being unrealistic with your goals.

Also, have you set a goal that looks good on paper but you really can’t find time or resource to achieve it  – this is when you don’t understand your reality.

one of the main filter I use for goal setting is SMART – which is being Specific, your goals being Measurable, it being Attainable, Realistic and Timebound.

I also mention the fact that you need to be conscious of your reality when setting your goals.

So then, what is the difference between setting a realistic goal and knowing your reality? They are not the same and their definition and the following explanation should explain why.

Your reality is being conscious of your daily life experience.

The fact is that when setting your goals, you have to be conscious of your daily reality – you can set a goal to read every day for 3 hours after work. when in reality you get home by 9 pm and you are supposed to get back up by 4 am. This is an impossible goal.

And while a lot of people use sleep deprivation and other means to see they get this done – you really are not working optimally on your best output and the possibility for you to crash is very high and once that happens there can occur a spiral trail of you losing the initial momentum you started with and then getting back to achieving even 20 minutes of reading may seem impossible.

So, when setting goals, you want to be fully conscious of your daily reality examples of these are being truthful with the time you actually have against what you think you do have.

Another example would be energy level – knowing when you get tired easily and when you are refueled, also concentration level and output level all this thing affects your goals – this is what it means to be conscious of your reality but what does it mean to be realistic with your goal.

Well, it is basically to know what your mind can allow you have and being okay with it. For some it is deceiving themselves that is the main problem – your mind holds a very significant role in anything you are going to become in life – ANYTHING.

Being realistic means being able to set goals that are possible in your mind to achieve.

Now it may not be possible based on your daily reality which really means your day to day experience but if your mind really can see it then it is definitely possible for you to attain it.

If you can see it you can have it and so it is okay if right now your mind cannot see you buying that range rover it is totally fine. Just work on your mind and while you are doing that don’t put range rover as the car you want to buy in your goal but the Camry your mind can accept as the goal.

3 ways to work on your Mind

  1. Confession – these are the confession on who you want to become, this is general in nature and can come in “I am” statements are the example I am smart, I am beautiful, I am intelligent, I am a child of God etc.
  2. Affirmation – affirm your goals, say it like you have achieved it example I weight 70kg, I have published 3 of my book this year etc.
  3. Vision boards – our minds begin to accept whatever we see regularly so get pictures of images of where you want to be and start looking at it regularly.

I hope this helps you understand what both this concept now means in goal setting.

wishing you the very best.

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