You need support system to achieve your goals

Ever heard the word man is not an island and that you are the average of the five people you spend your time with well this is true and that is what support systems are.

Support Systems are people, information, group and community of like-minded people who understand where you are and have the resources to get you to where you want to be.

Your support system would make or break your dreams. If you are all alone in the pursuit of your dreams you are in trouble even if you don’t know it

And yes, I know there are people who may have said they did it alone but really?

When you understand the types of support based on the classification I have derived you will realize that there is really no one who has done it alone, may be personally they didn’t have a team of people around them but they had books, resources of great men they could read and understand.

Types of Supports Systems

There are basically Four systems you need although they may vary in term of how they look they are all classified under four support systems

  1. The Information support systems – This comprises of books, teaching, lesson, schools you attend to help you in understanding more clearly your goals and the things you want to achieve. An example could be a course on digital marketing – this helps you in your goal of becoming a digital marketer.
  2. A coach or mentor support system- The basic difference between the two is cost. A mentor rarely cost you money to get, it more of an interest and likability factor. While a coach would cost you some income to hire. But the common factor is that these people have been to where you are and have the solutions and answers you need.
  3. Accountability Partner – This is one of the most effective areas that is usually missing but is a sweet spot to achieving your goal, this creates the intentionality needed to actually do what is required to be done every day.
  4. Groups or the community you belong to – we all need people around us cheering us up and pushing us to where we want to go to in life. A community could be offline or online, it could come in a form of a mastermind or just group of people with similar interest that stay around each other to cheer and support one another

You need supports systems.

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