So recently I finished a video series on 31 days to living the life you have always wanted and when I started I really didn’t think I had what it took like seriously for the next 31 days, I was scared I couldn’t complete it

But I had made a decision to start and continue showing up for the next 31 days and yes I did slack and yes it was not always best video production but I did it. You can actually watch the videos here

What did I learn  – I could do more than I thought I was capable of and that what I want to write about today

You can do more than what you think you are capable of, how many times have you tried to push yourself beyond your boundaries?

How many times have you done something you didn’t at first think you could do?

What I have learnt over and over again and I believe you will too  is whenever you stretch yourself beyond your comfort zone at first you think  you will die or it so impossible for you to do, but then guess what happens the uncomfortable becomes the new normal and now are where you once thought would kill you.

You are more than what you think you are capable of – you can do more than what you are currently doing now and yes what is beyond your wildest imagination can happen to you.

But where do you start

You take the first step by making a decision to START – start that big project, get yourself visible, start that side hustle, just START.

But don’t just start to commit to consistency, commit to showing up every day for the rest of your life. Commit to learning new things, commit to being a better person, commit to pursuing your dreams day in day out.

And yes sometimes you might fail, but you never really failed you just learned what not to next time

So Today do something that really scares you and let me know after the whole experience


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