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About the authorMy name is Seun Yewande Williams and I help individuals and businesses share their knowledge, skills and experiences through books.

My work is to help birth those stories within you so that more people can learn and improve their own lives and businesses from your experiences.

I believe we all should share our life experiences, skills and knowledge with others. When we do this the world becomes a better place and our message can be the healing tool needed in someone else’s lives.

I also believe in being intentional about your life, that is why I developed a system called the dream advantage to help you move from just thinking or saying it to actually doing it.

I am the author of ‘Finding Grace’ – a novel about God’s unconditional Love and Grace.

In my novel, I share my personal life experiences on grace, what it means to me and how grace can save everyone – including you. – Although I use my novel characters to share this story it was my experience with Grace

It is through an accumulation of the work I did with my book and other experiences I had that I realized that more people are yearning to package their own life stories as books also.

But where did it all start ….

I have always been a storyteller from as far back as when I was a little girl.

Stories allowed me to escape my normal world to a place where I could do and become anything I wanted. My normal really wasn’t always normal so I used stories as a coping mechanism to deal with my realities.

One day, all my storytelling came to a climax when I was opportune to read an interview by Sidney Sheldon, where he told about how he wrote his book. In that interviewed, he revealed that he recorded it first and then would write it out. It was then the writer in me was awakened and I wrote my very first novel.

I knew I was a good writer because people wanted to read the book I had written but it meant nothing to me then. My writing was just an escape for me. I didn’t have a Big WHY.

Discovering my Big WHY

After reading ‘Redeeming Love’ by Francine Rivers. I had a new perspective on writing.

It was a book that changed my life. It told me what love really meant and how valuable I was. I wept like a child reading that book but beyond that, I saw the power of a book and saw what a book could do practically in my life and in any other person lives also – and I wanted to do the same by my writing.

Today, writing for me is about sharing my life experiences with people to inspire them to become better.

Because writing stories came easily to me, I discovered that it didn’t come that easy for many others as they found it hard to do.

That’s where I come in.

I’ll love to help!

I’ve seen what the power of stories can do to uplift, change, inspire, transform, encourage and impact the lives of others, and I’m on this journey to help others write and capture their stories as well in a manner that delivers great impact and sells.

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Get the first five chapter of Finding Grace

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