In a few short steps, I will guide you on how to get your book on Nigeria topmost readers platform and this will include everything thing you need to know about the publishing process.

But first What is Okadabooks

Okadabooks is an online web and mobile book platform where the reader gets the chance to purchase their book using the app, it is the repository of the books of some of the most famous African authors.

It was created with the belief that Africans do read when they can get the right opportunity and environment to do so and with almost 100,000 users and over 1 million downloads, this has proven to be true.

It is a simple to use platform for readers, you purchase the books you by using your airtime or your bank account  this makes it make it very seamless, but enough said for a reader experience how about the everyday writer who wants to become a published author using this platform, that is what this post will help you understand.

So’s let get started


The first thing you need is to set up is your user account – you need to have a user account, if you are a reader then that is already solved you will use this credential to login via your desktop – to upload your book you have to do it via your desktop, not a mobile phone.

But if you do not have an account you can create one HERE

It is also important to know that you can use your Facebook credential to login into the app

But I would advise you actually use an email and put in your password – I recommend this because it is more secure and you know that no one will be able to login to your account without your password.

When you create your account, you go to your mailbox and confirm it and then you are set.


The publishing process is actually divided into four parts

  1. File upload (book)
  2. The book title
  3. The book cover
  4. Book description
  5. Setting of price

The accepted book format is a .epub version this is a standard for most eBooks reader but just in case you wondering how you get a .epub file from a word document I have a tool you can use.

The first thing you want to do is have your book formatted and edited in Microsoft Word

Then you can go to THIS LINK to upload your Microsoft book and pick the book conversion type you want which will be a .epub the tool will then convert the book to a downloadable epub version for you.

You now have a book that is ready to be uploaded on the Okada Platform



This is key to the success of your book.

I was once in a discussion on which should take priority your book cover image or the title and after much thought, I realized your book title is definitely more important why?

Imagine you just read a life-changing book and you wanted to share it with a loved one who was not there with you, you won’t be describing the cover except for aesthetic sake you most likely would be talking about the title of the book and how it has addressed a problem you once had, you most likely will say something along this line “I read this book title XXX by YYYY and this and that is what I learnt”

Knowing how important your book title is you want to carefully think through what your book should be called and do your best to make sure it conveys the message in the book.



Even though your book title is important your book cover is also very vital

I have used a book cover to judge whether or not I would take a glimpse at the book of an unknown author, everyone that comes across your book is going to be judging you, you, therefore, want to make the best impression possible

A good book cover will make a reader pause to look at your book after your title has caught their attention.

If possible get a professionally made book cover but if you are low on cash, you can use this Tool –  to design your book cover.

For Okadabook the custom dimension you want to use is the following

Width – 320 pixels

Height – 400 pixels

320 by 400 pixels

Other sites where you can get awesome free stocked images are



After you have chosen your image and formatted it with your author name and book title you download it as a .png file and then you can get it uploaded to the Okadabook platform



If a book title conveys the message of the book and the cover catches the reader attention then the book description is the final sauce that makes the reader decide to buy your book.

Your book description has to tell the story in your book in a way that captivates and intrigues the reader that they want to know more and therefore have to get the book

You want to get this part of your book publication well.

A suggestion would be to read the final book description to close friends who have some idea about what your book is all about and see their reaction and also ask then if it intrigues them to actually buy the book. Use this feedback to improve your book description until it feels good enough (there will never be a perfect book description, determine what is good enough and let it be).


How do you know how much you need to set as the price for your book – the truth is there is no magic price that determines your book will sell more?

You don’t want to be overpriced or underpricing yourself and you also want to set a price you feel very good about that show the value of work you put into the book

I would suggest you try three things

  1. Put a price you feel good about with consideration for readers and similar type of book in your genre
  2. Ask your potential reader what price they will buy it for – they most likely will say very low prices but you can take that into consideration when setting your price limit point
  3. Test prices – I don’t mean you put different prices very frequently but start with the lowest price you can sell the book for and then increase it gradually this way you are testing demand and also rewarding loyalty to those who purchased your book first

Lastly know this internally whatever you set as the price of your book is the price and that what it is worth I have gotten a book for 69 dollars (that about 25,000 naira) the author knew the value of his work and was not afraid to set the price and as a reader I have never for once thought it was overpriced – so set your price with these considerations.

I must also note that Okadabook has a price limit of about 1000 naira but you should contact their support if you want to increase it for whatever reasons


After you upload your book – you have to wait for it to be approved before it can be available for purchase

You get 70% for every sale on the platform an example is if your book was sold for a 1,000 you get 700 naira. You can’t withdraw your book sales money until you have made about 10,000 naira and only money earned through book sales can be withdrawn.

Email to contact

For tips on how to place your book on Okadabooks homepage and other publicity and sales-related mediums send an email to

Having issues updating the price of your book, or with your account setting send an Email

Library Gallery

Book Library Gallery


Frontpage when you log in








A list of book you can access in your library these are books you purchased


This gives a breakdown of the list of book sales transaction that has occurred








A list of books you have published


Uploading your book on the platform


Uploading your book part 2

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