Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This book ‘Addicted to writing’ has the capacity to jolt you, back to your calling as a writer.

There are many books on the shelf on why you should write, but none has touched home with facts laced in personal experience as ‘Addicted to writing` by Emeka Nobis.

`Addicted to writing` speaks to the heart of the struggling writer from the heart of a writer who was once in the valley of despondency. Fought the demons. And conquered.

“Dear writer, what do you write about?”

Emeka Nobis begins his conversation with a question that aims to help the reader-writer gain clarity.

Emeka Nobis is a conversation-starter!

He goes on to say “I think it boils down to what is a yearning in your heart…”

He well articulates the state of mind of a true writer  -the deep yearning to share with the world thought, a story, something of value from the heart.  What other way is there to describe the one who is Addicted to writing?

Very inspiring, is Emeka Nobis sharing on what writing means to him and how that embracing it has helped him find his voice.

In this book, you will gain insights into why you should embrace the yearning within you, call yourself a writer and just write.

And write even more.

Write about that one thing your heart yearns to tell. Let the world feel your pulse through your writing.

Not every addiction is a bad thing, you know.

Are you Addicted to writing? Do you realize that as a writer you are a marketer? This is another insight which he noted.

You have something that is of value and that can be exchanged for financial rewards too. Maybe you don’t desire financial rewards. Nonetheless, through your writing, you are selling something -you are selling a point of view which you believe in.

He succinctly captures this thought in his words “By sharing, we are marketing. Period.”

And I say Period!

Share your thoughts with humanity today. And bless a soul.

The book ‘Addicted to writing’ sheds light on the ‘who’, ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘what’ of your writing.

That is, Who you write for. Why you write. How to get started with your craft and publish. And what platforms exist to share your message.

Publishing is a fear for many ‘Author-hopefuls’. It shouldn’t be anymore. Emeka Nobis exposes some secrets on how to circumvent traditional publishing and get your work out to the world at no extra cost! Just the same process he uses.

Social Media offers easy means of sharing our thoughts. But be wary of the pitfalls of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’. “It can become a poisonous addiction,” he says.

You want to know why? Read the book.

Another profound statement from Emeka Nobis is “If you believe that your writing isn’t worth something people can get excited over, then you’re doomed even before you start”.

A point I got from this statement is that the writer’s path is sometimes a lonely one. You must understand this and agree with it. It makes for smooth sailing.

On improving your craft, Emeka Nobis advises that one should “…commit to writing daily…”

And I totally agree. Fight the laziness. You can win it.

There is no exact environment for writing. Create one that evokes cues for your writing. That’s what people who are ‘addicted to writing’ do.

Art has its formation process, which Emeka Nobis touched on with the analogy of a bricklayer working the cement, sand and water into bricks. And not necessarily knowing the chemistry on how it forms.

Just go ahead and scoop in your elements into the mould as he does.

The process will take care of itself. The writing process is indeed a faith one.

“Start by writing rubbish…” he says,

“…write more rubbish. Write more and more rubbish.”

Just like refining gold, the art process refines your writing. You begin to experience the sweet effect as it comes together.

People’s lives depend on our words…

So it’s your call. Will you do something worth your while that can change conversations?

An ending note from this outstanding book is “we didn’t choose this gift. We were gifted this way”

And I say to you, that you are gifted this way. Embrace it.

If you don’t yet have a copy of ‘Addicted to writing’, I’d recommend you do so now!

Follow this link to get one

Written by

Patrick Odimnfe



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