Discovery magic call is one book that has left a lasting impression on me especially as it relates to my online business client acquisition process. Why you might ask? well, I am going to give you a brief review of some of the main points I learnt while reading the book.

But before that, I just wanted to note one of the reasons why I like this book and I highly recommend. It is a very practical book like if you have ever wanted to know what to do on a discovery call which is by far the highest method for converting a high-end client then this book will show you how in practical steps from the process set up to the conservation you are to have to even what to say – it literally broken down for you. I don’t think it can get any more practical than this.

What stood out for me – points that created a mental shift for me are the following

The definition of what a discovery call is which defined by DJ Sobanjo  is a conversation with a qualified prospect that helps them become a client or a customer


The words highlighted are purposeful – this is supposed to be a conversation meaning It is a two-way thing and like my sister noted one day while listening to my supposed discovery call if you are talking too much there is a problem it has definitely moved from a conversation to you neither coaching or doing something different altogether but definitely not a discover call.


But what caught me on about this definition is the second part a qualified lead. It was actually while I read this book that I realized that there was a difference between a lead and a prospect I always thought they were the same, for me it looked like this – get people in through a lead generation funnel and then speak to them but I was so wrong getting people into your funnel is just part one of the steps you have to find ways to qualify them to become prospects.

It is only after qualifying them that they qualify for your discovery call  (I am sorry for using too many q- word aka qualify, do bear with me), but realizing this alone was worth the price of the book there were two methods mentioned on how to qualify leads you should get the book to get the full gist.

The next thing that stood out for me is that you help the prospect become a client – you don’t sell to them you help them – this involves a total mental shift and as Zig Ziglar says you will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want the same is true during a discovery call you are not looking to sell to them you are looking to help them get what they want through your solutions.

You are not looking at people as number but as people who have a goal, some aspiration that you have the solution to for – this mental shift is subtle but it can mean the reason why you tell a prospect that you are not a good fit for them at the moment for which they will respect you for being honest or you try to get their money hoping that your solution would help them which they later find out won’t and totally hate you for it.

Apart from this definition of what a discovery call is another thing I learnt is understanding how fear can hinder your discovery call. He explained that fear can show itself in three main ways
  1. You tell your prospect too much information that they think they can do it without you which they can’t
  2. You withhold information hoping your prospect would really want to know more so that they can buy your product which they might not
  3. Or lastly, once your prospect tells you an area of challenge you hit them hard by selling to them not helping them which gets them scared and they don’t buy.

If there is one confession I would make it is that I have done all three and realizing this makes me know what the source is – FEAR. The easiest way to deal with fear is to, first of all, know what you are fearful of and then face it – fear really is an illusion.

Like this was not enough this book goes on to tell you why customer buy which is simply – BELIEF

It really funny when I think of the four-belief shared in this book as I reflect on the things I have purchased I see that they resonate. What are the four beliefs your prospect needs to have
  1. Belief in their dreams – your client needs to dream again they need to believe they can write that book, lose that weight, whatever it is they need to dream again.
  2. Belief in themselves – they need to see themselves being able to do it, that where your story comes in
  3. Belief in you – they need to know you can help them get there, that you have done it before and can do it again for them.
  4. Belief in your process – they need to believe that your process can get them from where they are to where they need to be in a simple and convenient manner

If you really want the full gist of these beliefs you should get the book Here

Another thing I learnt was what to do before the discovery call – how I needed to establish authority, what questions to ask, how to prepare, the things to do during the discovery call what to say, how to respond to certain objection etc.

The reality is that this book is a total solution to a lot of coaches, speaker and consultant whose major income originates from having discovery calls it gives a detailed blueprint and I truly believe that anyone who reads this book will definitely start having a better discovery call result.

What are you waiting for go get the book via this link and while you are at it also check out some of the amazing bonuses added – plus also check out the training course that accompanies the book which gives deeper insight than the book could ever do!

So, tell me what is your biggest takeaway from this book review and would you be getting the book?




***Please note that the when you purchase the book you help support my writing as it is an affiliate link thank you

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