This book is the second book  – the first being the harvest of rubies 

These books are simply amazing they walk us through the journey of Marcus and Sarah and several times in the book I saw myself as Marcus and Sarah.

Harvest of Gold focused on the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem by Nehemiah the struggle he faced, the strain that occurred in Sarah’s marriage, but above all, it talks to us about a God that loves us irrevocably and can turn the outcomes of our lives into that of gold

The following are some areas in the book that deeply touched me and answered some questions

I feel that the Lord has left me too- I feel abandoned by the Lord

Sometimes the heart goes through such a deep valley that the lord is overshadowed by its darkness. the trick is when you feel God has let you go you don’t let go of God cling to Him anyway and you will find that He never abandoned you – He remained near all along I am convinced He knows your pain and seeks to give you rest in the midst of it

What do you think destiny is?

A smooth path that never jostles you? no, when you walk in destiny you will crash and fall more times you can count BUT the secret is to hold on to God’s vision for your life — and for the lives of those, He puts in your charge. No matter how many times you fall, crash and fail you get up. You get up and face your obstacles

Something a little girl needs –

Love, companionship, the knowledge that she is wanted and valued and when they don’t receive it they learn to trust no one themselves

“ I was the one to take care of me. No one else could do that”

God sometimes calls us to build something for him – in order to do that you have to rebuild the ruins of your early life.

The enemies of the world – the dark forces of evil that we have against us; nagging doubts, the forces that have already come against you, your childhood, bitterness, detachment, unforgiveness.

We need the weapon of God to survive

Well unless God becomes your God you won’t have access to His power

God Love for us

The Lord cared for him as an individual. He had not chosen God had chosen him, he had not been chosen because he was the strongest or best God had chosen him simply the LORD OF THE UNIVERSE LOVED HIM. HE LOVED (YOUR NAME) WITH AN UNFAILING LOVE”

The lord had been with him through every single moment of the ravages of his childhood when he thought himself alone the lord had been with him loving him guiding him the lord had known every sorry every childhood fear and had never -NEVER -ABANDONED HIM


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