Harvest of Rubies by Tessa Afshar is one novel that has changed my life deeply and forever. I probably cannot tell you fully how powerful it is to me. So while I thought of how to review it I decided to write out some of the words that were so life-changing to me — I hope it blesses you

If your sense of identity is in your achievement or works…..(spoken by Nehemiah in the book)

When God created the first man and woman, He gave them many gifts and then He gave them work that will require the use of those gifts. He assigned them tasks, much more important than anything you can accomplish in your lifetime. they were to take charge of the earth they were to rule over the world.

BUT they hadn’t even begun their work when He made the first pronouncement over them. He called them very good even before they had achieved a single thing. 

The lord care for you has never been depended on what you achieve. You were created for his love not be to be His work mule. Your accomplishment is meant to be a response to that love

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases NEVER.

If one day all the works of my hand should fall apart at my feet do you think I will lose knowledge of who I am in God? Not for a moment my heart may break but not because I will think myself any less a man for that failure I will always have my standing before the Lord as His child I will always know I can go before Him and be welcomed THAT IS WHO I AM. MY WORK IS A SMALL PART OF ME. An assignment from God whether He gives it or takes it away it will not change how HE PERCEIVES ME.

Our Plans are sometimes not God plans…… (spoken in Sarah the main character voice)

Some of my dreams had come true some had been lost this was the nature of life – loss, grief, sorrow, regret was woven through the fabric of human destiny as uncompromisingly as joy, hope and fulfilment if one’s happiness rested only on the capture of one’s dream then happiness would prove fickle.

Indeed there are many things I wanted with a desperation that I may never have. If my Joy hung in the balance of having everything I wanted, I would always rescue with unhappiness.
I wanted to be like David that saw the loving hand of God even in the midst of unfulfilled dreams
How like a vine I felt stripped almost to the point of death everything I held precious taken form me how I longed for my old life yet like Bardia (the gardener) of my soul. God intended to do me good by dismantling my world
I had made my accomplishment more important than friendship more important than my heart, more important even than God.

I knew God had directed my path, His pruning shears and cut into my already weak frames He had cut into me more abundant life

He did not bring me to the wilderness to destroy me but to speak tenderly to me to speak His love which healed the sorrow of my childhood to restore to me my true self which had been buried under the weight of my perverse appetite for human acceptance

Had I borne a harvest of rubies — I had learned the Lesson of David … most importantly I knew how to cling to the Lord I had learned how to be satisfied learned how to trust him well most of the times God had given me back my vineyard I had my own harvest of rubies

I hope this blesses you


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