God purpose  – God original intention for creating you. Purpose is defined by reason. for what reason did God count creating me necessarily.

For what reason did God count creating you necessarily.

God’s assignment- is God service call for you on the earth that is consistent with His ultimate purpose.

Being a Gardener was Adams assignment being in fellowship was His purpose.

We are created for fellowship and relationship – that is our ultimate purpose.

The Ultimate purpose of every man is in his personal ministry to his creator you were created to please God.

No God – no Purpose – it also impossible to discern your assignment for life without knowing God.

Our discovering of our assignment is dependent on how intimate we are with the spirit of God.

You need to trust that God plans are better than yours.

God reveals his plans in phases  – Isaiah 28:10

“He tells us everything over and over –

One line at a time

One line at a time

A little here,

A little there !”

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