I wrote an exam thrice – I failed it twice but passed it the third time and I wanted to share what it felt like failing and the lessons I learnt on how to bounce back from failure.

I remember the second time I failed this paper the first feeling that came to me was “I was a failure” and why there were justifiable reasons to have felt this way allowing myself stay this way was wrong. I wanted to sink down and just forget about everything but that was when I remembered – or more correctly reminded myself who I was and what failing was.We all fail at something but it is how we perceive failure that determines how we would bounce back.

Failing in anything we do is an event not who we are as individuals, yes things might not be working the way we want them to but that doesn’t make you a failure – it just means you need to work on your approach in a different way and now you know one way that doesn’t work.

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how do you turn an event of failure to an event of victory


 Realize failure is just an event and never personalize your failure to mean who you are.

Learn to distant the event from the person we all will fail at somethings we do in life. I wish there was a better solution but it is inevitable but when we do we need to never take it personally this subtle change is the winning force that turns things around.

 Review what didn’t work and why the failure happened.

For me, it was asking why I didn’t pass after so much reading and then realizing my mistakes was that I had failed to practice and so by realizing what was the missing link I decided to focus on that.

 Do what you think will work and trust yourself 

The thing about failing Is that you start to doubt yourself and your ability to provide the right answers for your situation , you might think the answers you discover for what didn’t work may not be good enough, you begin to doubt yourself thinking you are not good enough but the truth is you are, all you need to do is trust in yourself and do what you believe works (now if you also believe you need to get help you should do that it is totally fine so far it is not coming from a place of low self-esteem in yourself as an individual)

Give it yet another try

I remember clearly after picking myself up from the depth of self-pity that I had dragged myself into how I made one commitment to myself – even if I had to write that exam 100 times I was going to write it till I passed it – and I meant it – so don’t be afraid to give it yet another try.

Victory will always come and when it does – make a big deal out of it, celebrate, eat, have loads of fun and above all don’t forget to look back at all your failures and let them know – “I conquered you”.

What was the biggest failure you had that you believe you might never bounce back from let me know

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