Writing a book might seems like a very hard task to do especially if you have to think of the blank pages and sometimes blank inspiration that can follow a writing journey.

It seems that writing a book is something we tell ourselves we would do “someday”. While writing a book may not be the first thing on your list it never should be the last and I will give some awesome reasons why

BUT WHY should you write?

I have always said and will continue to advocate knowing your WHY. No matter what endeavour you do. If you can truly connect with your WHY the rest is usually not that hard

Personally, this is the first thing I do I when I want to undertake a project that is time-intensive and would take lots of my energy. I connect with WHY I am doing it. And as much as I want to do something good for myself I always try to find a reason greater than me.

But if you are finding it difficult to do connect with your WHY Today that what I want to do for you – I want to help you connect with 3 reasons WHY we need you to write your book

1. You get healing when you write
Okay so I know there are lots of ways people get help out there but one way I have found that is super cool and doesn’t cost money is to write about it.

when we write about things we have gone through we connect with our emotions in a way like never before we see who we are, what we are about, how we felt about such a situation. Writing about our life experiences helps us untangle any knots that might have been there without our knowledge

You know when people who have been heartbroken in a relationship say something about requiring closure – that what writing can do for you. It can give you the necessary closure you seek

I deeply believe that if you cannot write about a situation you have gone through in detail – you might still be having some unresolved issues with it Tweet it Writing truly brings healings, it lets you deal with unresolved issues through the use of a paper.

I used to say to friends and family “I write because my paper can’t talk back to me, it can’t shout at me or get angry with me, it can’t complain it can only listen” and as weird as that might sound that listening is one of the most needed ingredients in our healing process.

2. When you write you give others healing?

While the aim at the beginning might not have been to help others it usually falls to that

A statement of fact I now believe is – you are not the only one going through a particular situation in your life, yes currently it might feel like it is only you in the whole wide world facing that challenge but it is not true

Human are connected in ways that our minds can’t even begin to fathom or explain

That situation you might have passed through is also the experience of another person
that pain, that joy, that knowledge you know – someone else needs to know it and you need to share it

And just in case you are wondering why your writings matters – well one answer I would give is, it is your story, it is your perspective and we need to know it

3. You create a healing tool for generations yet unborn

Once a book is written you can be revised it, turn it into a movie, upgrade it with courses do whatever you want with it but one thing is definite you have something in your hands that can change the lives of the people you will meet, people that you might never meet and the ones yet unborn.

Have you ever read a book by someone who impacted you so much, but then you found out that the person was long gone – if you have experienced that then that is a classic example of why you should write

Wondering if you have a story – then lookout for my next post

But above all find your why and start writing that book today – we need it

So, my question for you is what areas in the writing Journey scares you the most let me know

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