This article is the last in the series of how to write –  a book a simple step by step method to use.

The first step is getting your big idea

The next step is the outline of your book

The next phase would be actually writing your book but how do you write your book from start to finish – by following your outline, how do you develop your outline

I will share 2 methods to use
  1. The Journey method

This is probably the easiest and my favourite because as it states you create the outline like a journey. It is liking taking a bus where would you start if you were going to a particular place, what bus would you take, then what next and then you progress from there.

It is the same for the book if you were to write the book where would you start it from – that should be chapter 1 then what next would you do – chapter 2 and so on and so forth.

  1. Linked detached structure

Here you break your big idea into part your big ideas still run through each of the parts, each section can stand on their own but are linked together by the big idea.

An example could be if you wanted to write a book on health – it could be broken down into taking water, exercising your body and the food you eat each of these parts on its own can stand alone but make a greater story when brought together to talk about health.

Your next phase is to –  WRITE


There would never be a finished book if it isn’t written, you can think, brainstorm all you want even research at length but your book would never see the light of day if you don’t write it down.

Let every word you write count and earn its place in your book – a piece of advice from Max Lucado

Some methods that can help you writing better and faster
  1. Get a writing calendar – actually put in the day and time you will be writing and on what (you can use your outline to do this).
  2. Record yourself and then get it transcribed – this is how the late Sidney Sheldon wrote this method actually inspired me to start writing which changed my whole life.
  3. Get a ghostwriter – well I don’t like the name ghost added to writing but the meaning should ring true get someone to write the book for you, you will have to pay them but yep that works just fine.
  4. Set a writing goal – set the total number of words you need to write per day, 1000, 5000 – you set this based on when you want the book published.
  5. Get accountability – this is a missing link to achieving your goal set, get a personal accountability partner, create public accountability and get personal in your accountability, let your words mean something to you.
  6. Write areas you like the most when you struggle to keep up.
  7. Have a reward system you gift yourself when you follow through on your goal.


Next Phase  – now that you have written your book – you need to read it and rewrite it


I truly believe your first copy is definitely not your best copy.

Read your book thoroughly and then fix areas you notice are missing in your book areas you skipped because you were writing too fast or too slow.

You can take some time out, leave the book and then come back with fresh eyes and read the book just another time (personally I hate rereading my work  but I have recently learnt that it is important to do this, so I just do it)

Get someone else (a professional writer or critic) to read your book apart from you and get their input on areas you need to edit, delete or improve on.

Any feedback gotten before you publish are valuable feedback that would make the book better

Remember you are not writing to be perfect but you are writing knowing that you have done your best to make a masterpiece out of your book.

The last phase of the writing Journey is Editing and Proofreading your book.


Send your book to an editor and await professional feedback, make the necessary correction and off  you go your book is now ready to be published to the world

Need help with any of the areas I mentioned above you can reach out here and let us have a chat

In all the stages mentioned above which have been the hardest for you to do?

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