Most first-time authors find out that writing a book is hard that is simply the truth they would say completing their manuscript was probably one of the hardest things they have ever had to do but that is the reality. Now to the good news it doesn’t have to be hard if you follow a structure.

Knowing the big idea for your book – every book has one

Authors struggle to write because they don’t know what to write about which is not supposed to be – the reason is simply that a book is really just a big idea spread into different chapters or pages.

Most books usually have just one main big idea that they want to convey, some might have two or three, some people explain system or processes in their books, but in all honesty, one big idea is usually enough for a book.

Now you might be wondering how that plays out to form a whole book – well it is simple you have a big idea you probably have spent a tremendous amount of time understanding, testing and experiencing. what you do in the chapters is to expound on it more, you try to break it down into pieces that form the whole puzzle so that by the time your readers have finished reading the book they understand your idea fully.

The next area is figuring out what your big idea is – we all have ideas

This really shouldn’t be a big deal but what I found out it is – people are looking out for the perfect idea to share in their book
Well stop looking for it, it might never come – we all have experiences, skills, and knowledge that we have developed or experienced based on our time on this planet, we all have perspectives that other people need to know about.

As Zig Ziglar says – if you have a skill or knowledge that can benefit the world it is your moral duty to share it with others (Author paraphrase)

So your task is to pick one the numerous ideas you have and ask yourself am how do I feel talking about this topic for days unending imagine yourself writing about it – make sure the one you pick is something you are very passionate about.

Next Phase is understanding the type of book you are thinking of writing

There are majorly just two types of book – fiction or nonfiction (this is different from a genre of a book). Your book is neither telling a story using characters (fiction) or you are writing out your point directly(non-fiction).

There are also cases where there are a mixture of both (I am liking this method a lot) here you mix a story with the point you want to share

Majorly choosing the type of book you write depends on three things

1. Your preferred style of writing
2. Your readers
3. Your idea

If your preferred style of writing is to use characters to explain your concept – a fiction book might be your way of telling your story.

You always want to keep your readers in mind when writing your book – simply ask how would they understand this idea better and then your answer would decide the type of book you write

Your idea – Ask yourself how best can you explain this idea in a book

CASE STUDY – Finding Grace

Okay so I thought I give you a case study from my book

The big idea of finding grace originated from my new-found knowledge of what Grace was and indeed the practicality of it, I learned this lesson during my service year. This understanding of grace took my relationship with the Father to another level and I wanted to share it.

So my big idea was explaining what grace meant to me

How did I share it – by writing a novel which at that time and even now is my preferred method of writing and I didn’t want to write another book on grace I just wanted to tell a story of what it meant to me and set the novel in the character’s service year also.

If this article was helpful to use to you, share it on your page and let others also know about it (thank you in advance)

Lastly, watch out for part two of this article.

What areas covered today would you be working in your next book writing session.


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