How to write a book – A simple step by step method part 2

How to write a book – A simple step by step method part 2

Okay so to continue from the previous post on how to write a book part 1. Let’s move to the next phase of writing your book – your masterpiece.

By now – you know your book has to have a big idea you want to share, you also know that you have to choose one idea you are most passionate about.

The next phase is for you name your book

This is probably the hardest for me to do especially when it comes to my novels but one thing I have found that work is if you can think of your big idea and let it consume you as it should, then one or two words will consistently jump out to you that you can use or you can simply just pick a name that sounds very interesting to you – it doesn’t have to be overly complicated.

Other ideas you can use is

  1. Choosing a name that radically captures attention by the sound of it an example would be “How stupidity saved my life” by   Okechukwu Ofili
  2. Another is looking out for names in the topic you are discussing and see how the best selling authors name their book.
  3. Using a big word and then explaining what you mean below an example is Overlap: Start a Business While Working a Full-Time Job. Go from overwhelmed and feeling stuck to getting clarity and creating financial freedom. by Sean McCabe.

 The next phase  – RESEARCH

This is probably an area really skipped in a lot of books today the author only shares his or her perspective without relevant data to back it up. While that can make for a good book it really doesn’t make for a great book that will last years after.

And when I say research it really doesn’t have to be you leaving in the jungle for month to explain how a jungle life works but if for instance you want to write about marriage don’t write what marriage means to you alone based on only your experience test out the hypothesis you are putting forth with other people marriage and see it there are tweak you might need to add to yours.

You can even do your research by speaking to enough people about your ideas. Now someone might say doing this type of research may take forever – it really doesn’t, all it takes is lots of patience and a determination to not only write a good or average book but a book that actually solves peoples problems in that area.

When you research your topic you move from just writing a book you want to read, to writing a book that would help people. Write that book because it is worth it not just because you want to become an author

The last phase for this post is to create your content outline

The place of an outline cannot be overemphasized.

I have written with one and I have written without one and I will tell you, I got more work done when I knew what I wanted to write about.

I write novels and I definitely advise you use it even the master tell us to use one  – Jame Peterson uses an outline he never writes a  book without having fleshed a fully completed outline he gets it very detailed. Even John Grisham uses one – now if the masters are using one what is your excuse.

And please don’t mention the so-called creativity flow or letting the story tell itself. I believe in creativity and I truly sometimes get this whole twist and turn that totally change my book but I also know that if I waited for every time I felt creative to write a book I would never finish my book.

Sometimes letting the story tell itself can put you in trouble you end up in a place where your character can’t seem to move forward in the story and then you have to go back and rewrite loads of pages or worse get frustrated and stop writing – simple advice use an outline

If you are writing a non-fiction book the use of an outline cannot be overly underestimated you need it to keep you focused on what to write next.

Are these all the phase to writing that book – no I would share a lot more in the next post lookout for it

If this has been helpful to you – please share it and if you feel stuck in your writing process and you need help why don’t you reach out and let us talk

How to write a book – A simple step by step method part 2

How to write a book – A simple step by step method part 1

Most first-time authors find out that writing a book is hard that is simply the truth they would say completing their manuscript was probably one of the hardest things they have ever had to do but that is the reality. Now to the good news it doesn’t have to be hard if you follow a structure.

Knowing the big idea for your book – every book has one

Authors struggle to write because they don’t know what to write about which is not supposed to be – the reason is simply that a book is really just a big idea spread into different chapters or pages.

Most books usually have just one main big idea that they want to convey, some might have two or three, some people explain system or processes in their books, but in all honesty, one big idea is usually enough for a book.

Now you might be wondering how that plays out to form a whole book – well it is simple you have a big idea you probably have spent a tremendous amount of time understanding, testing and experiencing. what you do in the chapters is to expound on it more, you try to break it down into pieces that form the whole puzzle so that by the time your readers have finished reading the book they understand your idea fully.

The next area is figuring out what your big idea is – we all have ideas

This really shouldn’t be a big deal but what I found out it is – people are looking out for the perfect idea to share in their book
Well stop looking for it, it might never come – we all have experiences, skills, and knowledge that we have developed or experienced based on our time on this planet, we all have perspectives that other people need to know about.

As Zig Ziglar says – if you have a skill or knowledge that can benefit the world it is your moral duty to share it with others (Author paraphrase)

So your task is to pick one the numerous ideas you have and ask yourself am how do I feel talking about this topic for days unending imagine yourself writing about it – make sure the one you pick is something you are very passionate about.

Next Phase is understanding the type of book you are thinking of writing

There are majorly just two types of book – fiction or nonfiction (this is different from a genre of a book). Your book is neither telling a story using characters (fiction) or you are writing out your point directly(non-fiction).

There are also cases where there are a mixture of both (I am liking this method a lot) here you mix a story with the point you want to share

Majorly choosing the type of book you write depends on three things

1. Your preferred style of writing
2. Your readers
3. Your idea

If your preferred style of writing is to use characters to explain your concept – a fiction book might be your way of telling your story.

You always want to keep your readers in mind when writing your book – simply ask how would they understand this idea better and then your answer would decide the type of book you write

Your idea – Ask yourself how best can you explain this idea in a book

CASE STUDY – Finding Grace

Okay so I thought I give you a case study from my book

The big idea of finding grace originated from my new-found knowledge of what Grace was and indeed the practicality of it, I learned this lesson during my service year. This understanding of grace took my relationship with the Father to another level and I wanted to share it.

So my big idea was explaining what grace meant to me

How did I share it – by writing a novel which at that time and even now is my preferred method of writing and I didn’t want to write another book on grace I just wanted to tell a story of what it meant to me and set the novel in the character’s service year also.

If this article was helpful to use to you, share it on your page and let others also know about it (thank you in advance)

Lastly, watch out for part two of this article.

What areas covered today would you be working in your next book writing session.


10 reasons why you should write your book

10 reasons why you should write your book

We all have a story and we should share it. That has been my mantra for a while now and today I want to tell you ten reasons why you should share your story in a book

Of course, there are various methods you could use to share your message as an individual but the place of a book cannot be overly emphasized.

So here are my top 10 reasons to write a book

1. It gives you healing

This is probably my favourite reason because it is all about you. And like it or not we might all want to do some noble deeds but the fact remains that we usually ask ourselves what is in it for me – the answer is healing. If you can’t write a story about what you have gone through with no fear or trepidation then you might still be dealing with the issue and by knowing this you can get the necessary help you need.

2. You impact lives with your book

Our story and lives are connected and by telling your story, you are helping someone else who might be in the same situation as you know something they would never have known if you had never written the book.
The fact remains that books are more affordable and by having a book written You help people who can’t afford your services with your book – now that is more impact with your book.

3. You impact the lives of people you might never get to meet

Well, this is simple. if you want your message to reach other people in the world that you have yet to meet then you need to write a book because that is by far the most easily transferred method of knowledge.

4. You impact lives long after you have gone

Even when you are dead your voice through books still speaks in the lives of others. This is one great perk for writing because books are forever.

5. You become an authority in your field

I don’t know where it was conceived but the status of being the expert is usually accrued to people immediately they write a book. Why because only someone who knows volumes as you do can fill up blank pages with your knowledge and relevant life experiences.

6. You earn money from your book

Now, this is an incredible reason to write a book simply because by selling your book you can make a comfortable living for yourself, doing the work you love.

7. You can build a business around your book

Now writing a book on web design might have been the first step for you, but that could you to build a web design business where you offer consultancy services. Since your book already serves as proof that you know what you are talking about.

8. It opens big opportunities for you

Especially speaking opportunities well one thing Timothy Ferris, Anthony Robbin and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie have in common is that they have all written a book and they all speak on big platforms.

9. You can build a movement with your brand

Harriet’s uncle tom cabin did so – she created a movement that helps stir up the anti-slavery movement that later saw the end to slavery in the United States of America – your book can be the next movement.

10. You can help preserve a moment in time

Who would have known of the atrocities that happened in World War II if not because it was documented by individuals were there? Who would have known the story of Nigerian civil war – If it wasn’t documented? when you write you help do this.

There are so many benefits of writing a book, some are direct and plenty are indirect. Some are for personal gains and other really is about impact but irrespective of the purpose for which you may one to write a book, one thing I want to leave with you is this you need to share your story – and why not use a book to do so after all books are forever.

we all have a story to tell – 3 ways to discover it

we all have a story to tell – 3 ways to discover it


We want to impact lives using the book, we want to be authentic, we want to tell a story but can’t seem to find which story to tell, we think our lives stories are neither boring or ones that can’t make a difference – how definitely wrong are we.

Method 1  – realizing our lessons or lives message or experiences

When we think of our lives most times we isolate it into different phases – it could the phase I went to school, the phase I got married, the phase I started my business etc.

Yes, there are various phases of our lives and there are various reasons we find ourselves in but we all have a story to tell with our lives and that story is unique to us as individuals

So, what if for once we could look at everything that has happened to us as one big story what would it be called – a story of restoration, or a story of discovery or a story of impact

Think about it carefully what would your story so far be called, what has life taught you with your various seasons – I believe if you truly tried out this exercise you could find one theme that rings true with your life so far.

It could be a truth you are discovering in this particular phase you are in or it could something that has ringed true for quite a while in your life – you have a story there find it

Now is that enough to write a book – of course not but it is a start, all you need is the how-to, the breakdown of that story into bit size and viola your book might be on the way?

Method 2 – the 3 questions to ask

So, you still can’t find a story to tell, by providing answers to these questions I believe you should be on your way to knowing what story to tell?

  1. What are the top 3 painful experiences you have heard
  2. What are the top 3 achievements you have gotten
  3. What are the top 5 things you have learned so far about life – it might not even be your experiences

Hopefully, these questions should spur you on to more answers

Method 3 – help share other people’s story

Lastly if you are still finding it hard to tell your story – may be due to you believing your answers are not good enough or you really still don’t want to put yourself out there but still want to write a book that is truly authentic and can change lives – then it is time to tell someone else story.

There is a quote I love in the movie – ultimate gift (it is a lovely movie by the way) it says I may not have a dream but I would help others fulfil theirs (author paraphrased)


I have a dream but I also want to help others fulfil theirs through storytelling – I hope you see how even when we think our lives have been lived plainly there is still a story in it


3 healing reasons why you should write your book

3 healing reasons why you should write your book

Writing a book might seems like a very hard task to do especially if you have to think of the blank pages and sometimes blank inspiration that can follow a writing journey.

It seems that writing a book is something we tell ourselves we would do “someday”. While writing a book may not be the first thing on your list it never should be the last and I will give some awesome reasons why

BUT WHY should you write?

I have always said and will continue to advocate knowing your WHY. No matter what endeavour you do. If you can truly connect with your WHY the rest is usually not that hard

Personally, this is the first thing I do I when I want to undertake a project that is time-intensive and would take lots of my energy. I connect with WHY I am doing it. And as much as I want to do something good for myself I always try to find a reason greater than me.

But if you are finding it difficult to do connect with your WHY Today that what I want to do for you – I want to help you connect with 3 reasons WHY we need you to write your book

1. You get healing when you write
Okay so I know there are lots of ways people get help out there but one way I have found that is super cool and doesn’t cost money is to write about it.

when we write about things we have gone through we connect with our emotions in a way like never before we see who we are, what we are about, how we felt about such a situation. Writing about our life experiences helps us untangle any knots that might have been there without our knowledge

You know when people who have been heartbroken in a relationship say something about requiring closure – that what writing can do for you. It can give you the necessary closure you seek

I deeply believe that if you cannot write about a situation you have gone through in detail – you might still be having some unresolved issues with it Tweet it Writing truly brings healings, it lets you deal with unresolved issues through the use of a paper.

I used to say to friends and family “I write because my paper can’t talk back to me, it can’t shout at me or get angry with me, it can’t complain it can only listen” and as weird as that might sound that listening is one of the most needed ingredients in our healing process.

2. When you write you give others healing?

While the aim at the beginning might not have been to help others it usually falls to that

A statement of fact I now believe is – you are not the only one going through a particular situation in your life, yes currently it might feel like it is only you in the whole wide world facing that challenge but it is not true

Human are connected in ways that our minds can’t even begin to fathom or explain

That situation you might have passed through is also the experience of another person
that pain, that joy, that knowledge you know – someone else needs to know it and you need to share it

And just in case you are wondering why your writings matters – well one answer I would give is, it is your story, it is your perspective and we need to know it

3. You create a healing tool for generations yet unborn

Once a book is written you can be revised it, turn it into a movie, upgrade it with courses do whatever you want with it but one thing is definite you have something in your hands that can change the lives of the people you will meet, people that you might never meet and the ones yet unborn.

Have you ever read a book by someone who impacted you so much, but then you found out that the person was long gone – if you have experienced that then that is a classic example of why you should write

Wondering if you have a story – then lookout for my next post

But above all find your why and start writing that book today – we need it

So, my question for you is what areas in the writing Journey scares you the most let me know

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